Residential Junk Removal Services 

We offer residential junk removal services in Mishawaka, IN.  Junk has been known to add up quickly, taking over space needed for other household goods.  Some common locations where clutter is stored away are all around the home.  Garages, sheds, basements, and attics become overwhelmed with unused items.  In addition, all debris can build up, causing fire hazards or pests in harbors.  Contact us today if you have areas of your property that you would like our help to reclaim. 

Appliance Removal

Appliance removal jobs are usually fast, and the units can, in many cases, be recycled.  We are well-trained for removal jobs for your peace of mind so when we come onto your property or into your home to remove an appliance in Mishawaka, you can rest assured that your unwanted item is being handled by pros.  Appliances can be heavy, making them almost difficult to remove from some locations. We have all of the training necessary to get any kind of appliance hauled out of your house or business safely.

Electronic Waste Removal

Electronic items commonly removed by our teams include printers, TVs, computer monitors, desk top computers, and more.  If you have electronics that you need to ask us a question about, we can assist! 
Commercial Waste

Donation Pick Up

Sometimes junk removal is not needed if everything that you need to be removed from your home or office can be donated to a local charity or perhaps a church.  In this case, we will pick up your unwanted items up and discard them at a local donation center for you.  

Residential Junk Cleanouts 

We offer a wide array of junk removal and hauling services.  Here are some cleanout services that can be effective for any homeowner needing to have debris cleared from any property. 

Hoarder Cleanouts

During hoarder cleanout jobs, we take great care to treat our clients with compassion and understanding.  We understand that hoarding situations are not always easy for our clients, so we make sure that we listen to your specific needs surrounding the junk cleanout task.   

Attic Junk Removal

Attics can get full of junk pretty fast over time.  Our teams are ready to handle any attic cleanout job so you can relax while we remove any clutter from your attic at an affordable price.  Some types of attic junk we often remove are used mattresses, broken toys, worn-out dressers, and other general household clutter that you or a family member may have stored there.    

Garage Cleanout Service

Garage cleanout services are efficient if you already have general debris in your garage.  Over time, garages are a storage spot to store junk you no longer plan on using anymore.  When this debris builds up, it gets overwhelming.  If you have a garage that has become a storage spot for junk, call Mishawaka Junk Haulers, Scrappers, and Furniture Removal Pros Today, and we will clear out all the trash, so you don't need to do it. 

Property Cleanouts

Do you need a large property cleared of undesired debris?  We offer property cleanout services that are great for efficiently getting a property easy for a tenant turnover or property sale.  Call today for a free on-site estimate on clearing out a property of junk. 

Construction Debris Removal 

We can assist in the removal of many kinds of scrap construction material.  Construction debris removal is needed when you have lots of junk like wood, drywall, or sheet metal that needs to be removed and placed out of your way.  We clear debris left over after remodeling jobs and even offer construction site cleanup services during your build if you are a contractor.    

Storage Unit Cleanouts

Storage unit cleanouts are pretty standard because they tend to get packed with items that people have no use for but still want to keep.  After the storage unit rental fees add up, you may decide to get rid of everything. Our services for storage unit cleanouts are great for making the task of removing those unwanted items as easy as possible. 

Single Items We Remove 

Even if you only have one or two items to have removed, our teams can get you taken care of for a reasonable rate that doesn't break the bank. 

Mattress Removal

Mattress removal services in Mishawaka are always a widely used service.  Thousands of mattresses are sold yearly, so you can imagine that many mattresses need to be removed simultaneously.  We will haul your bed to the landfill with simple-to-schedule mattress removal pickups. 

Furniture Removal

When you buy new furniture, the question always arises regarding what you do with the old table.  We can haul furniture off your property and always take care of your disposal process.  We will remove sofas, chairs, sectional couches, and patio furniture. 

Hot Tub Removal Service

We are the best hot tub removal service in Mishawaka, Indiana, and we remove many different styles of hot tubs every year.  Hot tubs are large and take some skill to remove, so we make it easy with our well-trained junk removal pros. 

Same Day Junk Removal

We can get to you quickly

We Tae The Junk The Same Day You Call

We offer same-day junk removal services in Mishawaka, Indiana, and the surrounding areas.  If you need junk to be hauled away in a hurry, we can often come out the same day.  Junk removal can become necessary immediately, so if you need us, we are on standby! 

For reliable same-day junk removal services in Mishawaka, call Mishawaka Junk Haulers, Scrappers, and Furniture Removal Pros!  You can text or call us at (574) 850-3039. 

Mishawaka Junk Removal

We recycle, donate or dispose of all unwanted material in an eco-friendly way. You can count on us for reliability and trustworthiness when getting rid of general junk.

(574) 850-3039
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